Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Bug Vs Earth - Concrete Jungle (Ninja Tune)

When I first heard rumors that doom Dylan Carlson aka Earth, superhero and his guitars are ready to collide with pure dub impact of Kevin The Bug Martin, I was super-excited, then start to wonder how it would sound, can they pull it off. Both are masters of their own craft... it sounds epic on paper, but... well I could't imagine. Before that first release I was really thinking, who will be in front - from whom we shall hear more, and most important - could that extreme opposite sonic spectrum will become one musical (master)piece.

Then Boa/Cold EP (Ninja Tune) is released, and when I got my copy I heard something great. It wasn't epic or grandiose, it was just as it should it be, at least for me. And I will say it: after I heard it, some strange images were coming from my head. And of course: Oh my... it would be hell-off-a-ride if they ever decide to do full length LP. They did.

Boa/Cold EP was perfect combination 50/50 of both sides giving their best and music was magical. Aggressive but with sense of peace when you touch just awaken force. Force that slowly slurps out of some kind The Well. It's The Well where you can comeback and drink when ever is necessary. And typical human reaction: "I'm the only one - who knows - where is the Well. - I MUST hide this from others. It's mine." 
Prologue over.

First for those who do not know, The Bug is powered dubstep project by Kevin Martin, his last album as The Bug, which I reviewed for another blog, "Angels and Devils" showed us how can someone turn unique dancefloor style into pure aggression, torturing sound. Album which had more in common with industrial or industrial metal sound, then for example, the dancehall or any modern style that is continuation of UK hard core continuum.   

 On the other side Dylan Carlson, with or without moniker Earth spent, I guess, whole his life in search for perfect riff and guitar tuning. I visioned him like a guy who always carry his guitar case, wherever he goes, with trench coat, and there is always snow around him, while he search for hotel or place to stay, just to play same riff - one after another, with slightly changes - hey that is just my vision. Dylan Carlson is one of the pioneer of many modern styles - from slowness of doom metal, riff-hardness of sludge, or stoner, or space rock/metal. But most important: he is able to create unique visions of vastness, visions of space, certain feeling of man that is surrounded by nothing, and everything.


So what we got here: The Bug with his in-the-face punch, bass driven music that awakes most savaging in pre-apocalyptic man, and Earth which takes us on journey into the desert of our souls. That is why this album is so important. Music actually call our primal side, and on the other hands, tell us to not be feared by dark, but to embrace it. Cause when the last street lamp stop shinning, who's gonna go there and fix it? Those who can operate in the darkness, and have technical knowledge to bring the light. Even if the names of the tracks are all about urban decay, and apocalyptic end - it is actually about fight your demons of fear of the dark, go, learn, be active, do something. And every time I listen this - let's call it meisterwerk, a triumph of two different approach - I feel energy to do something good today, to be strong, to love and keep my love ones, or help someone who needs it.


Maybe, you do not hear or see what I see, but you will certainly enjoying music with so much controlled anger, right on the edge of explosion, that still it manages to stay controled, determined and focused.  


Damir Plićanić



All photos of The Bug and Earth by Phil Sharp!
All other audio/video media by my ninjas from Ninja Tune. Stay sharp!!!


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