Monday, May 1, 2017

Talaboman - The Night Land (R&S Records)

I really dig what John Talabot and Alex Boman are doing. I really dig what they did with their project/group Talaboman, since Sideral single.


On the other side it is easy sometimes to see why this collaboration is working, actually it sounds so good. They both are peers, both produce and play their own, lets say, styles of House music. I will play the game of stereotypes here, and hope it will work.

For those who don't know anything about these two guys, little reminder. Axel Boman is Swedish, extrovert House joker, one-third of Barnhus Studios label (check new Art Alfie and Baba Stilz albums - both reflects Barnhaus Studios ethos - fun, pure fun and intelligent fun), successfully combine house and pop melodies. Axel Boman's music and DJ sets are full of life, always on that sunny-side-up and reflects "Oh man, I feel so... yeah! let's go!", how I perceive Bowman character. For sure I'm wrong but it seems that Axel is always happy, never sad. But like every person he has his times of doubt and insecurity - BUT I never heard that side in his music.
On other side, there is his partner in crime John Talabot (real name 
Oriol Riverola), Spanish introvert who makes such a beautiful, melancholic house music, perfectionist's producer, with unique style - don't want pigeonhold him, but you know when you hear his tracks - and that means he got unique style. And you can't buy the style or try to copy it. John Talabot is also unique DJ, and I really like to listen all those mixes and podcast he has release over the years. One of the best mixes in respectful DJ-Kicks series, in my humble opinion, is his own. I still play it once per month. He release his music mostly on Hivern Discs and Permanent Vacation labels.                                                                          

 Boys on the ride of their lifetime!

Ok join them both and you got one entity called Talabomen. At the same time extrovert party music, with introvert melodies and sounds for journey inwards.
Now when I tried to present 
them in typical stereotypes, to show the difference in their approaches, they fit to each other like a hand in the glove. Talabomen is actually one  imaginary personality. We got one of the best house albums - in this year, so far, truly unique album made by two best producers of European house, or something called "outsider house". And yet it is not all.
In their interview they mentioned that album is: "an attempt to reach our subconscious and to document our dreams."


But my vision of the album is like two friends who meet in Berlin decide to take a trip all over the Europe. After they bought some of the cheapest cars - first they travel to London - via Amsterdam, visit Brighton, and then got back to  the main land. 


It's raining hard in Paris

Visit Belgium, and then get to the Paris. After some hard rest they travel trough french villages, all over down to Pyrenees, and then Madrid, also check out all small villages on their way to Barcelona, and instead of going to Ebeefa (Ibiza), they decide Portugal and Atlantic is far more better idea.

We both were in Ibiza who knows how many times, do you agree? 

So in my mind this album is all about two good friends are having fun, trying to spend their time together, driving around, meet new people, meet new places, and then write a musical diary about what they have experienced. Can it be better musical diary, in a dance music style than this? No! And for the end, cause I really want you to enjoy and let you experience the music on the album on your own. If you ask me, I had best times in my life - cause I was with them. You do not believe me? Then who made all those photos you see in review? I did it! John Talaboman and Axel Boman thanks for the ride. Next year, somewhere else???

Damir Plicanic

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