Friday, April 7, 2017

Here We Go Again!

Hello my dear readers, friends and family. Datzee blog spot is back! For now, hopefully for good!

We are now in period where we are working on new, more sophisticated blog, project named Datzee blog 2.0. But until then we will for sure continue to spread love for music, art, make new friends, write reviews, posting podcasts... and again, LOVE.

1. If you want to review your new music album, LP or EP contact us, send message, or 
old fashioned way damir.plicanic(at)!!!
2. If you want to show the world your fascination with music, and want to share with us, and also like to mix, or make mixtapes for your friends, sent us (only exclusive, please don-t send us something that was already uploaded or share somewhere. From Death/Doom/Extreme metal over Breakcore, to Synth-Pop or Hip Hop, over Ambient till Techno and House: please send us your (for datzee podcast) on this blog as the message, or old fashioned way damir.plicanic(at) or simply with letters and through post-office.
3. If you have any ideas you want to share with us or simply get in touch, you know the drill!
Contact over the blog, write email on 

So, for a fresh start I would like to share my new mix, just for you. If you want a tracklist? We will provide it. If you want to download it? We will make download link.
For now this is it. More fun and words are coming your way. Please, we would like if you comment, share or simply want to do something with us. We are here and please come by and say hello or what a bad review or podcast. or YOU Datzee SUCK, BITE IT YOU SCUM!!!

Only Love!!!

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