Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Don't Care About Podcast 007: redizork - Njeno Poimanje Vremena

Our dear guest for our 007 mix is redizork. redizork is audio/visual artist from everywhere. He is passionate about Drone and weird electronics, so you should check some more of his mixes on his redizork mixcloud .
Translation from Serbo-Croat is: Her Own Meaning of Time.
This mix puts ordinary listener in some kind of time:space bubble, where he/she drifts till the end of mix. Also there is romantic side to it, those tracks have certain romantic feel.
Romantic Drone! Remember people, where have you first heard/read it. Romantic Drone is coined by Datzee from datzee.blogspot.ba. And spread the news. Also spread a mix if you like it

Dear redizork thank you, and all others who contributed for series Don't Care About Podcast, and I hope you people will enjoy in his Romantic Drone. Also the cover picture is also redizork's art.

Waterflower - Calm
Gimu - Hidden In Darkness
Rafael Anton Irisarri - Empire Systems
Moon Zero - The Solipsist
Dino Spiluttini - Ice/Age
Fingers - Escape Into The Bushes
Abul Mogard - State-Coloured Storm
N(42) & Dirk Serries - N H D S I 23 2 14
Lee Noble - Holy Ghost People
Ancient Ocean - Absolution
Simon Scott - An Angel From The Sea Kissed Me

For more info and blog and reviews, also and other mixes go to: datzee.blogspot.ba
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Thank You!


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