Monday, November 2, 2015

Donato Dozzy - The Loud Silence (Further)

Let's imagine we hold the camera. There's drifting wind, white rocks, the shore of Mediterranean Sea, an old white house, with blue windows. Focus on the boy, the family taking their stuff from a family car - red Fiat - if You want. Scenes of happiness, laughter between grown men sitting by the table, woman yells on children to not go to far away, cause lunch will be served soon. Close zoom on another bottle of wine opened on the table, in front of house. Camera follows the boy who is separated himself from the other kids, looking something in house. Camera focuses on the wall where are some small household items. There she is... Marranzano. Cut!

In other parts of the world known as Jew's harp, Maultrommel, Ozark's harp or simply: Mouth Harp. One of the ancients instruments, known in almost every civilization, the lonely man's companion through out the centuries and continents.

Now let's back to the boy, little movie magic and boy is man, in his finest years. His name is Donato Scaramuzzi. His is well-known for his Donato Dozzy moniker. Producer and DJ of hypnotic, deep, trance-state techno of the highest quality and with sonic perfection. He is one-half of avant-garde techno project Voices From The Lake, which album of the same name Voices From The Lake (Prologue), with production maestro Neel, is still for me the best techno album of the 21st century.
The story is true, if press release writings don't lie. Little Donato used to go, during  ferragosto (that's Italian collective summer vacation in Italy), to same Sicilian village, where he had found (or it it has found him) simple like a toy, but unique musical instrument. It has one vibrating metal, or piece of bamboo, attached to other horse shoe-like metal. You put it on your mouth to hold it, and triggering (with your fingers) vibrating metal. And then use your mouth, the meat part, by moving it  you create the high of tone. And that tone creates incredible droning sound - a primordial call. And when frequency hits your DNA You know: You are the Time Traveler who travels to the dawn of men.

I guess that we are witnessing new period in Donato Dozzy's career. The Loud Silence is his second album where he uses only one instrument in every track, through the whole album. First one was with the voice, an album Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy - Sintetizzatrize (Spectrum Spools) where he explored the possibilities of combining the human voice and musical production tools. The Loud Silence uses same principals, only with the Mouth Harp.

Results are incredible. Every track is pure sonic pleasure, and drives you everywhere. Every track can be played even in main techno arenas cause it has sub buss sonic qualities, and throbbing in the guts feeling perfect to dance to it. Then in small studios or art galleries to create atmosphere, example: if there is only light on artworks and the rest is in full dark or light is positioned in to create more dark. Or simply put your time traveler suit (light weight clothes) and helmet (headphones) and into past we go - all the way down.


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