Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Always searchin' for new material

1. Emptyset - Signal 1
2. Vampillia & Lustmord - Deep Curent
3. Moon Zero - Nauru
4. Varg & Vanity Production - Eugenie de Montijo
5. Troum & Raison d'etre - Oculum Mundi
6. N(42) & Dirk Serries - NAHS 1 23 2 14
7. Cremation Lily & False Moniker - Blue Star, Summer Orbit
8. Xiu Xiu - Twin Peaks Ambien 1
9. Mon0 - Forgotten Gods

Dear friends, girls and boys, this is Damir Plicanic typening. I'm listening some music, then write about it. Also I have Podcast, where I put mixes from my friends and some nice people who share same passion for music.

I want to make this blog some kind of hub where people would come around read something, hear some good mix, and maybe wanted to talk about it. That's all.

But I want something else. I want to (yes this is big word) inspire people to listen (obscure? music) quality and good music, to go and make music, to mix music music
- to have fun!!!

I would like if there is some more peeps who want to make and mix music, and want to share with others. If you think you want to do that, to make a mix, or to make music and represent it in form of mix, please don't hesitate. Contact me on, usual,, and we will start from there.

First of all I want to hear great, beautiful and strange music and exclusivly unique and obscure.
We put it on my podcast series named "Don't Care About Podcast". Which is uploaded on my personal mixcloud profile. You can do whatever you want, mix this with that, beat-matching? No-problem. No beat-matching? No problem. Just send on and we will hear it first, and see what shall we do.

There is ONLY ONE rule: mix must be exclusive to!!! It must NOT be released  anywhere, and it must not be uploaded anywhere else. Yes you can share it, and listen to it, even if you want it we can put download link for personal use (some people just wanna listen on their ipod, for example), you can record your live set, you can change your name and shroud yourself in mystery by putting some other name (I think there is only one real name in this blog, and that is mine).

So thank you for your time, to read this, and if you wanna join in, make a mix, make some music (but try to send it in form of mix) - You are welcome. You know email, it is there.... don't worry it is always on the end of text.

You see that mix. It took me two hours to do all, choose the tracks, mixed, and upload on my mixcloud profile. You can do that too.

Enjoy my the mix, there will be more mixes, in dronemedronemedroneme series. I will do part two... whenever I desire.


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