Friday, October 23, 2015

Various Artists - Musik For Autobahns vol.2: Compiled by Gerd Janson (Rush Hour)

 When someone mention the German word for Highway: Die Autobahn, in pop culture's collective unconsciousness immediately pops-up Kraftwerk's singl - one that inspired David Bowie who was eager to emerge himself in the "future of Rock'n'Roll", a phrase he used to call the music from bands like Kraftwerk and Neu!

Look at the "surface" from which he consume something. BTW picture is taken from:

Musik For Autobahns 2 is a second edition of highly praised, but first edition of Musik For Autobahns somehow and tragic passed under the radar, compilation of lush, melodic, ambiental and krautrock inspired downtempo house music. Also it is curated by one of DJ's DJ, house music lover, Running Back label owner and house music connoisseur Gerd Janson. And it's unmixed.

But for me compilation have personal moments. You see, I trying to live between two cities Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegowina, and Frankfurt am Main in Germany. So I have listened compilation, literally on Autobahn, on my way to Frankfurt.

Opening Leon Vynehall - Midnight on Rainbow Road perfectly fade in when we get to the highway loop to get of from Autobahn in morning, Sunshine was perfectly high and with almost empty road we could see how Sun reflects on Flughaffen and glass corridors of Terminal. Then through the traffic and feeling of getting home with Joy Orbison - A213. Then getting out of vehicle on Hauptbahnhoff and stretching-out with Fort Romeu - Seleno and then catching u-bahn to take us to our place. Ride on u-bahn made me cry cause in my headphones beautiful Shan- Awakeing was played - perfect for watching the pillars in tunnel. Then AKSK - Breaking, with beautiful women voice, just before we met our friends, and Conga Radio - 168 North for lunch, and black and strong Landbier (domestic beer) at our favorite place Toffies in Berger Strasse. Orson Wells - Orbiting Jupiters is perfect for crate-digging at vinyl specialists Tactile Records shop,  and Orlando Voorn - Turn Left Here for catching little nap in our little place in Bornheim. Then Disco Nihilist - Melancholy for shower and getting ready for the night. Bicep - Carmine for another u-bahn session to Offenbach, and then Lauer - Autofahrn for grande finale - just before the entrance to greatest-smallest club in the world Robert Johnson. Where we danced till we wait to see sunshine on club's balcony.

Picture is from reviewer's private collection.

I don't wanna be cocky, but do you need better review, more objective maybe. No, in this case You need subjective review and personal experience of the compilation. Or maybe you should try, on your own: to drive and listen it on Autobahn, like David Bowie used to do with Kraftwerk's Autobahn. For me this was enough, to let compilation become part of my personal memory. I will always remember. And I will always back to place of my memories.

Leon Vynehall - Midnight On Rainbow Road
Joy Orbison - A213
Fort Romeau - Seleno
AKSK - Breaking
Conga Radio - 168 North
Shan - Awakening
Orson Wells - Orbiting Jupiters
Disco Nihilist - Melancholy
Bicep - Carmine
Lauer - Autofahrn

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