Thursday, October 1, 2015

V.A. - No.I. (No-Ware)

“Work on a good piece of writing proceeds on three levels: a musical one, where it is composed; an architectural one, where it is constructed; and finally, a textile one, where it is woven.”
Walter Benjamin

First of all, I know this is released in May 2015, and I got it for a couple of months already. No, it's not because I'm writing this down from Bosnia, Balkans. One might think that things come here late or they don't come at all. Hey we're part of Europe, at least geographically. That was funny introduction.
I wanted to come to this slowly, to dive-in, to give myself some time with it. I was trying to be easy-going, to enjoy it, to listen it, so it might settle down. Like a good meal, for example. I wondered would it stand the test of time. Also I didn't want to tell anyone about it, I wanted just to be mine.

No Ware is a German label, owned by Uwe Schmidt and Material Object, and it is based on ambient and  techno releases. It is easy to connect music with visual identity of the label. Simple triangle in the middle, and abstract picture behind it. It gives perfect identity to the label and the music. So music on those releases can be perceived like that. Simple programmed sound structure based on drone/loop. With  simple overdubbed tones, melodies, and half-harmonies that lay down on basis. Music is dreamy, soft, light, atmospheric, harmonized.

No. I. is mixed compilation of released and unreleased tracks from label. Tracks were specially re-made, re-looped so it could have effective flow. Tracks were produced in the way so it could have sense of cohesiveness. Like a living organism that's grown and expand, and in one point becoming rational and self-aware. You won't have sense of dream logic, spontaneous happening of things. It have his objective and every part have his role, it's systematic, logic and mix have straight-forward lineage. It isn't impulsive, it have certain rules and passage.
On the other hand, it is not hermetic and closed in those rules. It gives you freedom to create your own vision and sensibility of it. Mix will guide you, but it will give you possibility of your own growth and stream of your consciousness. It wouldn't give you steering wheel and gear shift stick, but you could choose the paths, motorways and freeways, or shortcuts and even off-roads.

It is an ambient music, but with clarity and structures and forms. I have no problems with a lot new music that almost got no forms, just like gas. No. I.  isn't that kind of music. Yes you are free and you will be free, but music has to have patterns and textures, the sense of something solid.

Intelligent music for intelligent people, who have time, but you wouldn't need to train your attention span. And that is something.  

01. Atom TM - No. I
02. Atom TM & Jacek Sienkiewicz - Zero Time Collapsing
03. Raw-C - Ego Split II
04. No. Inc. - Early Reflections (Part II)
05. Jacek Sienkiewicz - Berceuse
06. Steve Law - Ascension Engine
07. Sagittarius A - Omega Point (Delta Shuffle Remix)
08. Sagittarius A - Omega Point
09. NSI. - A.R.T. V
10. Jacek Sienkiewicz - Sto_rys
11. Atom TM + Jacek Sienkiewicz - Zero Time Collapsing
12. Atom TM - Alpha Txt Live at Labyrinth
13. Sagittarius A - Omega Point (Material Object Remix)

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