Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pole - Wald (Pole)

If there is something that will get immediately attentionm and response from producer Stefan Betke is the BASS! Actually Pole is a Dub and low frequencies fanatic. A guy who spent most of his artistic career as producer, post-producer, studio technician, and (for me most important) engineer who make special production mixing for vinyl cutting in his Scape Mastering Studio. Also he is Dub Techno producer with 8 (with letters: eight) studio albums, and with each he explored possibilities of studio techniques, and time:space limits of Dub music itself.

album isn't your ordinary Basic Channel/Rhythm&Sound Dub Techno. It is melodic, almost impossible to put in genre box, except in electronica. But under layers and layers of sounds, focused listener will find Dub (and lots of bass) as a basic construction. Using Karl Marx terms: Dub is base, and melodies, sounds, samples are superstructure.

is full of tracks that perfect gives us vision of forests (Wald on German language means Forest) and peacefulness of nature in the all of the seasons. It is perfect for meditation when you walk through it, or just simply watch and admire nature's marvels. Even in your home, or your car, or just plain walking in the city, everything sounds like it is in perfect balance.

Here is the man itself from Electronic Beats to tell you more about his art of producing, and life philosophy:

Perfect album for get up early in the morning and catch those leaves and enjoying Autumn Sun in the woods, and later for home listening when snow covers all. Just you and Wald. It did took me much time to get into it, it was easy to listen whole album in one take, at the first listening.
I'm sure it will be on my player, and would be listened in time that comes. It's not musical product made for one season, for me it was made for long terms, and I always find something new, some elements I didn't paid attention before.
Perfect electronic album!!! And for me the perfect track from the album Moose (live):


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