Friday, October 16, 2015

Mixes of the Week(s)

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So here we are. to celebrate music in form (and structure) of mixes. From trippy&droney, to straight straight-to-the-point-in-the-heart of dancefloor fillers.

SeekSickSounds Podcast 176: Inner8

Inner8 is Daniele Antezza, one half of magical post-production and sound engineering duo, and of course artists behind highly praised duo Dadub - all that with partener-in-crime Giovani Conti. People who own Artifacts Mastering Studio, and they stand behind all those releases on Stroboscopic Artifacts label. Including their own Dadub album You Are Eternity - which is one of my favorite Techno album. I wrote about it here, but it was writen in Serbo-Croat language.
Anyway Inner8 delivers highly emotional and dark (not bleak) mix for SeekSickSound, perfect for late-night excursions into inner-self. And let me add this: first I listen it on headphones and felt strange stereo, or 3D effects. But on 5.1 speakers it made all the sense. And Inner8's genius programming of the mix.

.temp - Emergence from the Self

.temp - Emergence from the Self
by Goran Sipka on Mixcloud

.temp is a hero of our latest in the Don't Care About Podcast 004 series. this was his first mix, at it was the reason We approach him to do podcast specially for us. It's easy to see/hear why we decide to do it.

KDVS 90.3 Guest mix: Madteo

.temp is a hero from our latest mix in Don't Care About The Podcast 004 series. This was his first mix, and the reason why we approach him to do podcast, specially for us.

KDVS 90.3 - Guest Mix: MADTEO

I have only words of LOVE for Madteo. First he is great producer and a DJ, who can blend all kind of styles. Secondfind all mixes from Madteo and you will know what I mean...  You won't be disappointed, it's the flea market of sounds and styles. Please do that!!! Third thing, he is the guy who will, in most gentle way communicate with you. At least I had nice time talking to him via social networks.
this mix is what-is-doing-and-how-he pull-that-out-where-did-he-get-those-records moment.

Slam Radio 158: Efdemin

From Berlin to rural Japan, from Berghain dungeons to small intimate public-toilet-turned-into-the-club. From electro-acoustics to hypnotic deep house. From Dial to Ostgut Ton. One of my favorite online/podcast mixes, that we all get for free, I consider his XLR8ER podcast as his finest moment. I was burning in my head and thought that my hair will get on fire. But this one for Slam Radio podcast is also another emotional rollercoaster through the tunnel visions. Just let yourself to submerge.

Ben UFO - Live @ Factory, Osaka

Ben UFO mission is to find all those obscure records, and then make them in potential dancefloor destroyers. Also Ben UFO is one of those guys that destroy the lines between genres and styles with unmatched mixing abilities. I know, cause I'm allergic to bad mixing (but who isn't).
One more little thing, he was also one of those people who started to mix dubstep and techno with his Hessle Audio crew (Pangea, Pearson Sound), and alongside people like 2526, Scuba, Joy Orbison, Peverelist, etc., they gave both genres new dimension and new flavor.

Mein Hertz brennt, and I feel proud:
Filip Alvir Live @ Studio Zumbul

Filip Alvir is my man. I love him like my brother. We spend so much time together, share the same stage behind the decks, in the past. Also he has continue to DJ. His mixing technique was (screaming) common-give-me-one-more-turntable. Fast and furious, take-no-prisoners three decks wizardry.
But this one shows Filip Alvir with his more relaxed (mature?) style of mixing, where he elegantly, let the tracks speak for itself first, and then he mix it with another - like they sing in the in chorus. A truly Gentleman with capitol G.

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