Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Les Planete Sauvage and After party with Datzee @DKC Incel

Ok it's time to promote myself, and others, little bit. Nice people behind DKC Incel, UNSA Geto, and BLBoom offered me to curate movie night and after party at DKC Incel.
So book your diary for 29.10.2015, in Banja Luka in DKC Incel, start: 21:00

Facebook event here

We will enjoy in cult-following, animated SF movie La Planete Souvage from 1973, and after that I will perfom as a DJ, playing all kind of stuff from soundtracks, to ambient, drone, noise, experiment, and electronica, and even some house, techno and electro. My records are ready.

So if you are around come in, and let's have some fun. Here is the mix I made purposely to promote the party so it is present for you my friends, and something you could expect to listen there. Hope you will like it.

Atom TM - Texture 1
Donato Dozzy - Personal Rock
William Basinski - The Deluge: Denovement
Jonas Reinhardt - Shattered
Desove - St.Omer Dub
Anna Caragano and Donato Dozzy - Starcloud
Oneothrix Point Never - Sleep Dealer
Oneothrix Point Never - Replica
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Unon 1
Sunn 0))) - Sin Nana
Sunn 0))) - Orthodox Caveman
Venetian Snare - My Love Is Buldozer
Shackleton - Headcleaner
Pole - Moose (live)
Vampillia & Lustmord - Deep Current
St Germanin - Voila
Swans - Frenkie M

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