Monday, October 26, 2015

Don't Care About The Podcast 006: Tehno Muda

"And now something completely different" - Monty Python

We're Barbars of the culture." - Tehno Muda

Datzee blog tries to give s you quality, strange and different music, with the message, and this podcast by artists named Tehno Muda (english translation: Techno Testicals), have very strong message, on very beginning you can hear their manifesto, and their music and live performance can't be apparted from their art.

    Example of pop culture imperialism (on right side it's Ziggy Stardust/left side Tehno Muda

Tehno Muda is mysterious art project from Vrsac, Serbia. Duo wants to remain mysterious too. One guy behind the laptop and beats, and other one behind microphone.
Their art/music is combination of Euro Dance, Electro, Techno, etc... It does not matter the music classification as long message is spreading.
Their ideology is called Cultural Barbarism, and want to start united barbarian coalition against western cultural imperialism.
In their audio/visual art you can find bits of Soc-Real posters, Barbarian Manifestos, and most important: be brave, brain is the weapon, and art is your sword. Go and do something with it.


All comics and pictures, and visual art is made by third member of Tehno Muda Wostock, except bowie/techno muda made by

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