Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Don't Care About Podcast 005: Alavux

Alavux has just release new EP, his first on vinyl. We at, are very proud because we get our own copy (for review), and we are very excited because it's our very first vinyl promo.
This is his contribution for our Don't Care About Podcast series, numbered 005.
Mix is collection of tracks perfect for Indian Summer, or for all types of rainy days, with your coffee or tea in your hands.
You can dance to it, if you feel like it's thing to do, but try to dance "like nobody watching".

Nick Dunton - Between Worlds
Subotika - Fractal
Son.Sine - Upekah
Sasse & Marco Carola - Sun Flower
Microslav - Koln
Answer Code Request - Main Mode
Model 500 - I Wanna Be There
Pariah - Prism
Trolley Route - Turtle Bay

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