Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dj Richard - Grind (Dial)

We could easily said DJ Richard is the man of the moment. A new artist with hit album on Dial. it seems that the people at German label Dial have a nose for extraordinary new artist, who make strange, beautiful, and bleak music, something same happens with John Roberts and his ultra melancholic Glass Eights album. I could easily label it: music to contemplate about your childhood. And those fresh faces like Dj Richard and John Roberts (sorry for this comparison, but their situation was the same to me, and hey they are both Americans based in Europe 8-) ), can stand proudly with Dial "stars" like Efdemin, Roman Flugel, Lawrence and Pantha Du Prince.

My first encounter with Dj Richard was that RA mix, and I didn't expect cast-away half-harmonies, and daydream-like production. Album ranges from minimalistic house grooves for more mellowed atmosphere   (Nighthawk, Savage Coast, Vampire Dub) to bleak, dry, and black darkwave-ish ambient pieces (Ejected) or arpeggio driven madness (Bane), or perfect soundtrack for exploring empty buildings at night with one that you love (I-Mir).

When we look at, nice and simple, album cover we see one of the bridges that connects his Rhode Island and New port, (towns north of New York) and symbolize, in DJ Richard's own words: "The border between civilization and the ocean." So luckily there is no home-sick blues album here, only more and more connections between people and cultures. Bowie once used to sing that there's new career in new town.

Yeah, we got a new star here, maybe and candidate for Album Of The Year, but not for me, cause I don't want to do year lists. Only bluesy, bleak, analog house music here. It' simple and it's nice. here you go, I said it again. Like everything that Dial touch, it turns black and white pictures into memories and diamonds.

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