Friday, October 9, 2015

Carter Tutti Void - f (x) (Industrial Records)

This Summer/Fall fans and radicals, who worship the work and art of Wreckers of Civilisation and people and projects formed around Throbbing Gristle and Industrial Records can truly be satisfied. This Fall we have new Thigpaulsandra album The Golden Communion. The there's Coil's Backwards which is never released (potentially) album from around Love's Secret Domain period, which contains songs released on compilations and some new tracks and demo versions. And there is this: Carter Tutti Void with f (x), which follows their Transverse album. And yes I will review those two albums on this blog - right after this. So stay tuned.

I would love to skip all those must biography thing, but I must write this. Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti were original members of Throbbing Gristle, and after it's termination, they went on with their own project Chris & Cosey. Theirs career and discography is still incredible!!! Always ahead with their minds beyond (and before) rest of the the world (not one step, but kilometers ahead) in their music. Independent and on controls, they steer their own career and making new paths for others - who can only follow them. Chris & Cosey are everywhere, not just as proto-techno musical prophets, but also in every kind of imaginable arts. Pushing the boundaries is just a bad mild phrase to describe it.

Carter Tutti Void is their collaboration project with Nik Colk Void from band Factory Floor, and this is their second album. First one was Transverse, which one was produced and played live on Short Circuit show, and later release for Mute Records.

f (x) is sound of haunting mathematical processes, ghoul-y arithmetic and damned equations. With their music, Carter Tutti Void embodied abstract mathematical ideas. At least, their hard-to-categorize techno/industrial/noise/electronica could easy make you fantasize about shapes and objects from the other side, from unmaterial reality. And also it's produced so clinical clean, without sharp edged sounds, even if it is improvised you can sense certain clearness in music. 
One of those albums that just won't leave you alone, you simply want to put it on repeat, and yes f (x) beats a lot of new quality pure techno records. I'm not saying that cause "oh that's Carter Tutti Void, they are so...". No. It does sounds fresh and excites your mind and body, also you can dance if you feel like it is thing to do.

One more thing, pretty trivial and subjective!!! I guess everyone has their own couple, people who are in love, in relationship - from show business or pop culture. For example Sid and Nancy, Cher and Sonny, etc...
They are mine. I hate to write this but they are prime example how two individuals can work together in  everyday life. I don't know if they are a couple, that's just not a thing to think about it. But I wish they are. Simple. And suddenly started to think that this are love songs. Maybe they are. Equations of love.


More on Carter & Cosey here and Carter Tutti Void interview about the project here.

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