Saturday, October 24, 2015

Alavux - Octagon (Bass Agenda /cat.number BA033)

 At that time I was living hand to mouth, my partner at the time was out of work and I was trying to balance the artistic vs. the providing for the home. I was living off 5 pounds a day which had to pay for everything and sometimes it was a balance between toilet paper and tea bags. I could only afford clothes from the army surplus store as they were the cheapest and longest lasting (although you could never get rid of the damp smell no matter how many times it was washed).
So in a way this was the beginning of my journey, a journey where I have always stayed true to my musical integrity. I was young enough not to eat often and strong enough to keep on even though financially it was tough, bruising and humbling, but here I am and I appreciate that every day, along with your support getting me where I am now. -
Dave Clarke on passion and his humble musical beginnings.  

First of all, we at, can celebrate. We got our hands on  first "promo" vinyl - for a very first vinyl review. We would like to say thanks to Alavux, and Bass Agenda record label for material, and first thing we notice is writings on record itself: "Natasa, Anja, Elektra sequence initiated".
I used to write much earlier about Goran Alavux Alavuk's digital releases, and even we got him for our podcast series. We just want to show gratitude for gift and we share Alavux's happiness and joy, because, we say it again, it was released on vinyl. Sounds like a dream come true. Keep on dreaming and keep making your music!!!

     Alavux in the action!

For those who doesn't know, Alavux is Belgrade-born, Skoplje-living, who make, as I once said: electro for riots. His music is highly energetic, if you want comparison it would be The Advent's hard techno/electro phase, and classic motortown electro like Model 500 or Aux88, and electro boogie sound of Red Planet, or type of electro that Dave Clarke loves to spin. 

 Octagon is full of militaristic techno, perfect for 4am dance floor lunacy. Bondage is acid scorcher, that suddenly erupts in the middle. Radiowaves is "mellower" electro/techno track with taht half breakbeat that leads all the way. Octagon is perfect, almost industrial track for techno dungeons with stroboscopes, smoke machines and low ceiling, with sweat and unidentified liquids falling down on the the crowd. Digitalized Bass is, again half-beat track that constantly builds and builds. Our three destroyers are on side A. Hiatus is space-y with industrial feel,  fast tempo electro track. While Noon sounds like harder tech house track with funky rhythms.
Octagon EP (plus digital pack with vinyl) is pure dance floor, DJ's tool. For DJ's who like hard and fast, with great mixing technique, almost for those who mix with three or four decks. Sound on vinyl is pretty good, someone in the record factory did the great job, so there will be great sound, and no needle skipping.

And of course it is big step for Alavux to get one step up on the Techno demanded market. he spent so much years and got a great body of work behind him, so this vinyl release will only help him to get more crowd and more gigs. True lover and great talent. We wish him best!!

A1 Bondage
A2 Radiowaves
A3 Digitized Bass
B1 Octagon
B2 Hiatus
B3 Tube
 plus digital bonus tracks:
1984 - Warsaw Holc Retouch

And here is some little surprise for you. A part with his podcast for usAlavux made special mix for you just to celebrate this release:

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