Monday, September 28, 2015

Mixes of the Week

Ok, here's new edition of mixed collected for YOUR listening pleasure, so when you don't feel like clubbing/raving, check them. They passed the quality control! Yeah!

Electronic Explorations 390 - Chris SSG

First time I bumped, on Rob Booth's Electronic Exploration was actually intentionaly, I was looking for  (then) mysteriously project named Akkord, cause their RA podcast was something that really blow my mind. And there I found archive of mixes, ranging from hard-as-nails (Ancient Methods), to deep and introspective (Avian) to bass-driven music (Pinch). And I have some feeling that Rob is a nice guy.

Their new instalment is an ambient mix by guy called Chris SSG. Chris SSG and his partner PC edited and write their mnml ssgs blog, that for me was some kind of secret society blog, with texts, reviews, and of course: their podcast. Well throught the mnml ssgs blog I discovered, someone who is cult-following figurenow: Donato Dozzy, also someone like Cio D'or, or Svreca, or... I'm pretty sure that they made me dream about the Labyrinth festival.
I can only say  mnml ssgs blog was smart, educational, and minimalistic. I think their statement then was: "where the real techno gone? Come on, it's not all about plonk-plonk-48hrs-non-stop thing."
Chris now plays very interesting music and you can check it out and edit his own blog.You can call this mix ambient or whatever, but it isn't all about chillin' and let yourself. It has some weirdness that makes you even more awake. Yes again: it is intelligent, it's introspective, hypnotic, academic (erm... what?).  

Fully check Electronic Exploration here.

Redizork -  Trovanje Krvi Hrđom

Let's stay in same atmosphere as first mix up. Artist named Redizork and didn't know it was a guy I know and few times find something I lost, and return it to me. He has his mixcloud account with other mixes there, but this one was great. I didn't listen others yet, cause this one hour and nine minutes of fog, rain, rust and abandoned buildings are for repetitive listening.
I like it so much and shouldn't speak about it, but I should tell this only once: there will be something more.
If you don't know Serbian, then translate it for yourself. It's nothing obscene, trust me.

Dekmantel Podcast 034 - TRAXX

You all know that, but but there are two things to know:1. There are DJs who are good in certain style of music, they know how their music works, and how to mix that music. Some styles require slow and long mixing of the tracks, others needs fast execution. Sometimes records needs to be played in full, some records only their significant part. DJs are people who know their musical styles and tastes and love to play it. Yes there are certain rules about DJing, and I'm here, only to remind you on them.
2. You can dance to anything, anything can be dance music. Yes when punks get down in mosh it is also way of dancing, or people who used to go out to listen Disco, how they bust their moves. There is nothing wrong with how you dance, or what you dance to. Dancing is human normal response to the music and rhythm. Problem is when you feel the music, you feel need to dance, to express yourself through the movement - but you are inhibited with some kind social norms and accepted social behavior and when it's fueled with low self-esteem... well that can be problem, right?

Bonus fact 3. Traxx is great DJ, he plays what he wants, the way he wants, whenever he wants. And he do it for You, for me, for himself.. Stop reading.
Dance motherfuckers, dance.

Ninja Tune Solid Steel Radio: Bill Brewster 

I must that a lot of people actually would connect this mix their summer vacation and their endless fun on summer night air (yeah right, fcuk you).
No! this music is not only for summer, it's purpose isn't just to make you happy after you made yourself drunk on the pool. Actually it is good to listened anytime, so throw a house party at someone's else, or hit your local club. Or just get yourself groovy anytime. This mix just do that. Especially when Jill Scott - Gimme drops in, or that deep modernesque acid track Fx Mchn - Pieter De Vries slowly gets in. Oh yes, Yoko Ono - Never Say Good Bye... I wonder where did he get that.
Well "he" is Bill Brewster, of course if there is a title it would be Profesor Bill Brewster of dance musicology. Yes "professor" actually does educate, so check his or read his Last Night a DJ Saved my Life (w/Frank Broughton), The Manual: The Who, The Where, The Why of Clubland or The Recordplayers: The Revolutionaries (both with Frank Broughton) books.
We all say that DJ must educate and make people dance, well here is your man. And he provides us even a playlist:
 Aax Donnell & Eric Malone – Golden Cage (Tobacco)
Cowboy Rhythmbox – The Natives Are Having Us For Dinner (Phantasy Sound)
Dan Lissvik – Airwalk (Smalltown Supersound)
Jill Scott – Gimme (Epic)
Contact – Big Fun (Mainline)
Yoko Ono – Never Say Goodbye (Polydor)
T-Coy – Regret (Deconstruction)
Bohannon – Rock Your Body (extract) (Phase II)
FX MCHN – Pieter De Vries (Transit)
Clandestine ft. Ned Sublette – Radio Rhythms (S-I-G-N-A-L S-MA-R-T) (Sleeping Bag)
Bicep – Just (Aus Music)
Fatima Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do (Dekmantel)
Prince – 1000 X’s & 0’s (NPG)

Hunee: NTS Radio August 2015 Residency

I just LOVE to listen NTS Radio. I won't go there to explain everything, check for yourself. My girl and I sometimes consider ourselves as 24hrs NTS people, especially with their mixcloud, you can check those shows again.
They have this simple monthly concept. They choose passionate person, who knows their music, who knows lots about music, and like to share with others. And on one week - one show basis, they are allowed to play whatever they want, or even to play us their live music.
True story: in the last two weeks, I went to my bed, with my headphones, next to my girl (Irena I love you!!!), and not spend two hours of listening - but dissected every part of show. Two hours, every night, before sleeping. Someone upload all of those shows in one playlist with four parts, so it was easy to choose what to listen. Imagine: every night two hours - from 1st September till three or four days ago.
Hunee is a great selector,, for example this or that.
I just want to go and hug all those people at NTS, and I want to hug Hunee.

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